Welcome to S7UX – PURE Stock ROM! S7UX means that is ported S7 ROM.
Goal of this rom is to provide speed, no useless apps and stability. I’m not responsible for any damage that may happen to your device.
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Based on G935FXXU1APC8

Debloated – Light ROM
Rooted, Deknoxed, Deodexed
Multilanguage Ported Apps Values
S5 Camera
Phoenix Kernel V12
Pure S7 Frameworks
WORKING Multilanguage Private Mode 
AnTuTu SCORE : 62193!
– BUGS –
Camera Slowmotion FPS Drop
Easy Mode / Launcher Settings FC


V4.0 ROM – In Progress 
Fixed Easy Mode Settings – Done
Fixed Camera SlowMotion FPS Drop – In Progress
Fixed SIM / Data Crash – In Progress
V3.0 OTA - (V2.2 Included) 
Fixed Hotspot - Special thanks to @malbert16442 and @dekefake for helping me
Fixed EasyMode - (Still Settings FC but Launcher works)
Added New AOD v15
Added New S7 Blur (Working With EDGE)
Added Multi-User
Added Edge Feature
Revert Back To Original Color
V2.2 OTA - (V2.1.1 Included)
Changed Blue Color Of Framework To White
Added Blur Effect
Camera Mod By @amk19
V2.1.1 OTA
Fixed SystemUI Text Mistakes
Fixed Floating Messages Graphical Bug
Fixed Touchwiz White Text in Folders
Renamed to S7UX - Pure S7
Removed Edge Features
Removed 5Way Reboot
Removed UpDay
Added Floating Messages
Added Languages To Private Mode
Added New Wallpaper
Fixed SMS App
Fixed Playing Videos - Instagram, Youtube etc. Crash
Smaller ZIP : 750.3MB
Fixed Video Crashing
Fixed Youtube 1080p 60FPS
More Fixes..
- Initial Release