N920I Dr.Ketan ROM Deodexed I DeKnoxed I MultiDPI*


ROM Features L10 (For MM ROM features read post #2 changelog)
Inbuilt features

– 300 fonts enabled
– All Language enabled
– Multi DPI. (No S-view support) – Right now not all app moded as well this mod is in beta stage and some glitches expected. Launcher is moded for no DPI and camera not fully.

– Ad Free (dr.Ketan Tweak)
– Auto/Manual Call Recording – dr.Ketan Call record separate app
– Power Menu -5 Way Reboot mod with sound mode
– CSC features – Separate app for CSC features
– All App Multi Window (optional in ROM Control)
– Camera Hack – Use camera with Flash at low battery + Camera shutter sound toggle
– Call/SMS block
– Floating Msg
– Safe media volume warning disabled
– No Increasing ring tone. (Dr.Ketan Tweaks)
– Memory Clean option on expanded notification with switch Also Color can be set.
– Mute/Vibrate/Sound option in power menu.
– NFC hack with screen off (ROM Control)
-.Appoops (permission manager) Settings-LockScreen and security – Application permission
– No call delay mode (preactivated)
– Potato clock mode.
– Sound boost (Dr.Ketan Tweaks)
– Battery Mode. Change battery mode on the fly from 3minit(default)/Stock/No battery (Dr.Ketan Tweak-Battery Mod)
– Advanced Messaging features

  • No SMS to MMS conversion
  • Add recipient upto 200
  • Backup/Restore messages
  • Group and schedule messaging
  • Priority sender
  • Delay sending option

– Auto Start (Disable packages you don’t wish to auto start on boot)
– Visibility Toggle for Bluetooth and Toggle statusbar icon
– Status Bar virtual key for Menu and Home (Toggle from Extra settings)
– Infinite scrolling for launcher with Toggle (Extra settings)
– USB Debugging ON by default.
Dr.Ketan Tweaks

This having four parts.

  • Heads up notification – Enable/Disable Headsup notification.Requires reboot.
  • Fast Chargeing- Toggle fast/Slow charge
  • Auto GPS – Auto On/Off GPS with some pre define app using GPS like map sygic note etc [You require to enable monitor service from accessibility to use this]
  • Auto Wifi – Turns off wifi if remain disconnected > 10min
  • Auto bluetooth – Turns off BT is remains unpaired for > 10min
  • Smart Network – Auto off network after 30 sec of screen off, Auto on after screen on (Only if data connection was on when screen turned off)
  • Media scanner – Enable/Disable media scanner. If you disable, your media library won’t update to gallery/music
  • Popup blocker – disable some misc popup like battery full etc
  • Login security – capture screenshot if unauthorized attempt to unlock
  • Ad free – Ad free on/off
  • Auto 2G – After 30 sec of screen off it turns network mode to 2G. It auto connect to 3G/LTE when screen on >10 sec
  • Auto data – Turns off data connection when connect to wifi.


  • EFS backup Now you can make EFS backup with this option without need of extra tool.
  • SD card Fix
  • Flash recovery
  • Flash Modem
  • AutoMemory

  • This is for users always wants some free RAM.
    On top of app you will see current free RAM. and below that there is option to clear background app with one tap manually. Also you can set up to clean memory periodically with desired threshold.
    Free memory threshold : This will be level when system memory goes below this at defined period then it will clear RAM automatically.For example if you set 1024MB threshold level and Background process will be cleared if there is free memory level is below 1024MB at scheduled interval.
    Interval : Ther are 5 level of interval to check free memory. 0 is to Turn disable Auto memory. while 1 to 4 is time in Hr , Auto memory will test memory level.
    At the end you will see Last auto cleaned time and Last Test time.
  • Debloating Tool – Read this for details
  • Gear Utilities – Read this for more details
  • Auto scan – Reverse media scan. It enable media scan when you connect to USB and disable when disconnect.
  • Call time reminder* – 1min reminder tone while you are on call


  • Meet here – Location finding utility (like find your car in parking)
  • Battery mode – Select battery type Stock/3minit/None (Default is 3minit)
  • Clock mode – Various option related to clock like Clock style/AM-PM style/Date style and format/Color / Alignment like Lt-Rt-Central
  • [Network type (experimental) – Select 3G only / 4G(LTE) only or Auto (LTE/3G/2G) – New option for 3G only added
  • Quick Panel Toggles – Enable 30 QP toggles and choose number of scrolling toggles
  • Launcher home scroll – Enable/Disable
  • Edge Features – Enable/Disable
  • ROM control – Have many features. Read below for more details.
  • Misc modes and colors – Sorted accirding categories, Read below for details
  • Torch – Long press Vol up while screen off)


  • General Info
  • Update/Bloatwares/Fix downloading area : you can find various addon/bug fix and bloatware which removed from ROM here.

ROM Control (Dr.Ketan Tweaks – ROM -ROM Control)

  • .Dr.Ketan App manager added. Here you will see list of all my apps available in ROM. If you are not using any of those apps you can hide (freeze) from here. To hide – long press To unhide – Tap.
    Some application functions doesn’t require to monitor and you can hide after using it’s functions. for example. If you are using Manual call rcord, you can hide Dr.Ketan call record once you activate it. For auto call record you can’t hide. You can Hide DPI changer after applying DPI (Auto reset DPI option won’t work). For Extra settings – Only Auto Memory features requires to keep it, for all other features you can hide after setting up. CSC features, Sound mode (available in aroma) you can hide after using required features.Toolbox SideKey requires to keep if you are using ‘Shake’ feature of it. Virtual key requires to keep if you are using it.
  • Temporary Unroot option added to ROM Control. You can select it to unroot device temporarily and you can use device to perform certain operation which not allowed on rooted device e.g. Encryption/Using some secure apps which not allowed to use on rooted device. To re gain root you simply requires to reboot device.
  • .Key Remap – section added. Which have following three options.

    A.Menu key – You can remap Menu key to Menu/Recent (ROM default is recent)
    B.Double Press Home. It is same as before. You can assign it to camera/Custom app
    C.Long Pressing Home. – You can select any app/shortcut/activity with long pressing home.
    To Use this option you need to select default action as ‘LP Home’ with long pressing. If you already set other clear it from settings-Applications/Default App then long press home and select LP Home.

  • NFC hack : Nfc with screen off
  • Enable LTE : If your device is 4G and missig lte/4g option in network type, you can use this. This is not a tool to display LTE instead of 4G
  • Enable all app multiwindow.
  • SecretCode Dialer – As it is common issue of broken MMI code. So in case secret code is not working with regular dialer here option added to ROM Control.
    You have to select ‘Type code here’ this will open popup box and you have to enter code there which you want to dial but without prefix *# OR Suffix #
    For example you want to dial *#06# then you need to simple input 06 same way if you want to dial *#0*# then you need to input 0* only.after than check and apply. Also there is 62 examples available for different codes (Not tested all)
  • Optimization Tweaks
    It’s in three categories + Info page for details of tweaks
    1. Boost Device
    2. Device Cleaner
    3. I/O Tweaks
    4. Aggressive Seeder
    5. SQlite optimization
    6. FS Trim
    7. ZipAlign
    8. Play services and other services fix (causing wakelock and battery drain) applied with ROM Control. Fix requires to apply on every boot and while you finishing setup, ROM control should ask for su permission. Also you will see toast message about services fix applied after every boot. In casesomething went wrong and you can’t see this message, you can force fix from ROM control.

    2.RAM Management

    1. Disable Debugging – Disable debugging improve battery life.
    2. RAM Management .A.Balance B.MultiTasking C.Gaming

    3.Build.Prop Tweaks

    1. Battery Improvement
    2. Fast Booting
    3. Better Image quaity
    4. Disable Logcat – To improve performace.
    5. Net Tweaks A/B
    6. Better Scrolling experience
    7. Better Video Streaming experience
    8. Smooth UI – Overall smooth UI
    9. Voice quality – enable Wideband amr support.
  • Sound Mode – This is Sound boost mode and you can boost sound with predefined level (mild/High) OR can use custom level of boosting according requirement.
  • Long Press duration Reset – Select desired value for long press duration. Default is 500ms and you can select it from 100-500ms according your requirement.
  • NetFlix Fix – To fix rendering netflix videos
  • Full Screen Caller ID Enable/Disable
Misc Modes and colors (Dr.Ketan Tweaks – ROM)

  • SB colors – Internet meter colors + Memory view color
  • StatusBar mods
    1. Lt Virtual menu key
    2. Rt Virtual power key
    3. Rt Network meter
    4. Lt Network meter
    5. Hide blutooth (Once need to toggle bluetooth to take effect)
    6. Hide Alarm (Once need to toggle alarm to take effect)
  • Lockscreen Mods
    1. LockScreen rotation
    2. Pedometer on lockscreen
  • Increasing ring tome Toggle
  • Memory View Toggle (Use RAM display near brightness color)
  • Email Security hack

Auto Starts – Settings – Auto Starts.

You can control which application to not to start automatically with boot. Usually you should disable all App for which you don’t require notification OR needed to work in background. For system App just be careful and don’t do if you are not sure what exactly it does.

– Virtual key (available separately in aroma)
How to use virtual key :
Open Virtual key – Tap on Right/Left/Center button to enable corresponding virtual keys. (long press to disable)
To assign keys- scroll selected action from tab and tap on selected item to set (message will be displayed on successful assign)
Now long press bottom corner/Center of screen to perform selected (assigned) action. – Here is graphical presentation for location.
Each key have following options to assign

  • None
  • Browser
  • Calendar
  • Contact
  • Home
  • Menu
  • OK Google
  • Power (Long Press power action)
  • Recent
  • Search
  • Sleep (Power button to turn off screen)
  • Screenshot
  • S-Voice
  • Sattelite view
  • Multiwindow
  • Battery

– CSC features(some features not tested) (available separately in aroma)

  • Enable camera during call
  • Enable Popup Notification
  • Shutter sound Menu
  • Enable Sub Menu Symbol KB
  • Raise name lenth limit
  • Max speed dial 100
  • Enable call button
  • Enable export to SD
  • Message
  • Raise recepient limit 999
  • SMS to MMS threshold 999
  • Enable folder view
  • Enable font features
  • Enable schedule msg
  • Disable phone nu formatting
  • Phonebook digit matching
  • Launcher Rotation
  • Web exit option
  • Wifi client 10 for MobAP
  • MultiWindow addOn App
  • Calender export
  • Email White BG
  • Clock enable Auto on off menu
  • Voice call waitingtone 60
  • National Roaming Icon enable
  • Web default desktop site

– DPI Changer. (Separately available in Aroma)
Change DPI on the fly from available range. Read info insede application for info

– Air Command Shortcut – Use AirCommand without S Pen (Smart select still need spen)

– All Rotation (optional in aroma)

– Lock Screen rotation with Toggle

– Email Security hack

– Hide/Show toggle for Statusbar Bluetooth icon. (Extra Settings)

– SideKey – N4 side key panel working (No option to edit)

– Toolbox – S5 Toolbox with ability to edit upto 12 application.

– Init.d Support

There are multiple ways to enable Toolbox and SideKey
1.You can enable 30 toggles which have both toggles
2.There is separate application available ‘Toolbox Sidekey’ in ROM which have option to enable both application separately as well you can edit Toolbox app.
3.One more facility included in Toolbox Sidekey application is shake to enable/Disable Toolbox/Sidekey/Both
Once you enable this option you can just shake device Lt to Rt while display is ON to toggle Toolbox/SideKey/Both depending on your selection.

For latest version feature refer to changelog post of current version.

Circulating/Distributing/Using any part of ROM to other project is strictly not allowed.

Credits and Thanks :Huge Thanks and credit goes to @Phil3759 for his awesome SeLinux permissive kernel. Also a big thanks for is outstanding work for Note community.
@Chainfire – Respected elite developer for supersu and his unbelievable contribution to XDA/Android community. @wanam – Respected elite developer for his awesome contribution and references to his works.
@Chainfire @garyd9 and @AndreiLux for their references and tips for kernel modification
@xperiacle the amazing developer for reference to his work and tools. @gharrington for 3minit battery and QuickLaunch. @Chenglu @Phil3759@bigbiff and all other team members for custom recoveries. @ guitardedhero and @ worstenbrood for sound mods. @ UNS4 for RAM mod.@ficetofor awesome custom settings. @ oluwaponmile for references @mariozawa for potato mode @BSDgeek_Jake for his Ad free host @Paget96 for some scripts (like RAM management, Net tweaks and Seeder profile) references of his awesome L Speed Mod 

ChangeLog and Download

Marshmallow ROMs
ChangeLog M1
ChageLog M2 & M3
ChangeLog M4
ChaneLog M5 (Only Pro)
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ChangeLog M10 & 11 (skipped from public release)
ChangeLog 12
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Marshmallow Version
Installation Guide & Download N920I Dr.Ketan ROM M14 Note 7 PORT

Marshmallow Version
Installation Guide & Download N920I Dr.Ketan ROM M8 International and M8 India (For Jio VoLTE)

Lollipop Version
Installation Guide & Download N920I Dr.Ketan ROM L10

Call Audio Fix for N920K/S/L users.
Dr.Ketan Call Audio Fix for N920K/S/L 

As we know Korean variants having issue using International ROM because of call audio issue.

Here I have made call audio fix for Korean variant users to use it on other International ROMs.

Installation :

Install N920I or any international ROM
Download and flash N920_K_S_L_DrKetan_audio_fix and flash from recovery.