TWRP is an open source, community project. TWRP development is done by roughly 4 people at this point. TWRP also have a large support community with many people who are willing to answer questions and help people with their devices either through our IRC channel or on forums like xda-developers.

TeamWin was originally formed to work on porting WiMAX to CM7 for the HTC EVO 4G. After their work on the EVO 4G they wanted to work on a project that would work on more devices than just the EVO 4G and they settled on working on a recovery. Today TWRP is the leading custom recovery for Android phones.

DISCLAIMER : TeamWin team and myself will never ever be responsible for any damage you do to your device !


-> TeamWin & OmniROM teams (TWRP tree).
-> CyanogenMod team (ROM + device + kernel trees).
-> @k2wl (DS device tree).
-> TheMuppets team (vendor tree).

NOTE : i am not affiliated with any of the teams mentioned above…


-> @F4k (for helping me a lot).
-> @Dees_Troy (for sharing some of his knowledge with me).
-> @arco68 (for helping me to restore the brightness control and crypto. features).
-> @thomson.aa (for sharing one way to fix TWRP booting process for S4 mini).
-> @alexax66 (for sharing early GT-I9192 TWRP builds which were based off one of mine).
-> @Xmaster24 (screenshots).

=> Option 1 : your device does not have any custom recovery yet ! Please download the 7zipped .tar.md5 file of your choice below, then flash it through Odin (windows OS).
=> Option 2 : a custom recovery has already been flashed to your device ! Please download the flashable .zip file of your choice below and flash it from recovery as usual.

BIG ORANGE WARNING : if you are coming from regular / PhilZ CWM or legacy TWRP, then please do prefer the Odin way ! Thank you !

QUICK ODIN HOWTO : assuming that your Odin installation for S4 mini is OK (thanks @arco68 for this) !

  1. Turn your device OFF.
  2. Press AND hold ‘PWR’ + ‘VOL. DOWN’ + ‘HOME’ buttons.
  3. Connect your USB cable and press ‘VOL. UP’ button to confirm that you want to enter into DL mode.
  4. Start Odin, uncheck “F. Reset Time”, and then click ‘AP’ button.
  5. Select my ‘recovery.tar.md5’ file that you previously extracted from my 7zip archive and press ‘Start’ button. The phone will reboot when finished.
  6. When the phone begins to vibrate just before rebooting : IMMEDIATELY press and hold ‘VOL. UP’ + ‘HOME’ buttons to boot straightly into your new recovery. <= THIS LAST STEP IS NEEDED ONLY ON SOME S4 MINI DEVICES TO ACHIEVE THE FLASHING PROCESS SUCCESSFULLY.


  • => STABLE branch : 1 version per device built for stability, full crypto. support for EXT4 only (fixed with @arco68 help, thanks !)… EXT4+F2FS; now built along with CyanogenMod’s MM ROM tree !
    • custom TWRP v3.0.2-1 MM enabled for S4 mini (3G variant AKA GT-I9190) | STABLE (2016-04-13) :
      => Odin | recovery
    • custom TWRP v3.0.2-1 MM enabled for S4 mini (DS variant AKA GT-I9192) | STABLE (2016-04-13) :
      => Odin | recovery
    • custom TWRP v3.0.2-1 MM enabled for S4 mini (LTE variant AKA GT-I9195) | STABLE (2016-04-13) :
      => Odin | recovery
  • => DEV branch : no files ATM…, should be as stable as the regular one…
  • => TRYOUTs : please check out post #1167… <= NEW : working but feedback is needed (now built from new android-7.0 OmniROM sources for TWRP) !

TWRP CHANGELOG : please look at post #2


NOTE : i’ve started building it for myself, now i’m sharing it ! Feel free to report back… Any feedback will ever be greatly appreciated !

NOTE : if you are interested in my work and download my files, please report back AND hit my ‘THANKS!’ button if you think i deserve it ! Thank you !

PS : TWRP for S4 mini is available as three separate download categories : STABLE, DEV & TRYOUTS ! The DEV branch is based off the stable one and is including features that are not available in the STABLE one yet (as upstream not merged commits…) ! So the DEV branch is as stable as the STABLE one except for currently previewed features…

Happy flashing !

XDA:DevDB Information
TWRP for S4 mini (3G/DS/LTE) [UNOFFICIAL], Tool/Utility for the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

ne0zone75arco68, thomson.aa + alexax66

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: STABLE
Stable Release Date: 2016-04-13
Current Beta Version: TRYOUTs
Beta Release Date: 2016-10-17
Source ; XDA