Based Samsung 6.0.1 MM XXU1BPIF

Build Date: 12 Sep 2016
Changelist: 9113173


Based Last Stock 6.0.1 FW G93xF (no interface mods, 100% Stock)
Last SuperStock Kernel
CSC Unbranded
Auto wipe system, preload, cache and dalvik-cache
Rooted SuperSU & BusyBox & Sqlite3
Fix Screen Mirror, Private Mode, Google Wakelock and others fixes
MultiUser Support
Support for all functions S7/S7 Edge Stock
Tweaks for more battery and performance
ADBlock Host Optional (Adawey)
KNOX fully removed
More Lite (Removed bloatware, ms office and all gapps aviable in play store and galaxy store)
Hidden stock options available (camera shutter sound, block calls and messages in settings, call record and more)

Copy the Rom file to Internal sdcard
Backup your device and efs
Full Wipe System/Data/Cache/Dalvik
Flash the Rom through TWRP recovery
Reboot to Bootloader
Flash the Modem and Bootloader file through Odin/CP/BL (Optional)

S7 Flat – SuperStockROM
S7 Edge – SuperStockROM