Android KIT KAT 4.4.2 based. ROM

Hello, guys,

Before of all, I want to give thanks to Mujeeb64 for his thread, in which I have been participating all this time since MIUI launched the V6 version.

But I think is better to try a new one where we can post directly all our new mods in this great rom.

Thanks also, to all people who colaborate whatever they can, I mean, newbies, members, senior members and all administrators of XDA.

This thread pretends to give all people another way to enjoy the official versions coming from China, from the hands of Bhflower and Wonitor’s . They are the real creators of this rom, and this is for us our great base for doing something else different, or more adapted to our culture.

That means one modded version without some chinese apps deleted, because we found it unuseful ( may be there they really are). Many hours spent translating some apps who still came with chineses characters ( over all in our language-spanish) and in other languages.

Other difference respect chineses versions, are that the Google Apps ( Gapps) are included inside the rom, so, there’ s no need to restart and install from recovery.

And finally, we have another new features recently added and ported from famous AOSP roms like Mokee or Pacman. We reallly apreciate their work.

In addition, with every weekly rom, we include som apps from Play Store and other free sorces, that we consider they are useful, like Titanium Backup, Ad-aware, Weather-BZ, and some Samsung’s stock files, because many people ask for them.

We are open to your suggestions, so as soon as we can, we will try to implement some useful mods, depending of the original roms.

Thanks finally, to my companion, Atrankas, which without his hard work, this great rom would’nt be the same.


From Philz Recovery:

Clean ⦁ data reset / Factory – “Clean to install a new ROM”.
Wipe Cache partition ⦁
⦁ Advanced – “Wipe Dalvik cache”
⦁ Power Options —- Reboot Recovery
. Install zip from extSdcard.


Miui N9005 Bhflower 6.3.25 byy ENIAC & Atrankas!dl9T0YaT!t58XGVTqd…pjI0pcGUUpio_4…

Miui N9005 Bhflower 6.4.15 by ENIAC & Atrankas!dgshmbgD!DH1WRlY74…eONA8gql2NQy08

Miui N9005 Bhflower 6.4.29 by ENIAC & Atrankas!Rgd2yAYB!QREF7sXMF…OYvd1HlZxqbmkA

Miui N9005 Bhflower 6.5.20 by ENIAC & Atrankas!ptti2AaZ!wSxNg9maf…vnte1i4YtZtESQ