This thread provides a stock H850 OPEN EU 10C TWRP-flashable update for 10C as well as the 10C KDZ and all IMGs.

10C is the first update since the initial 10A build.

Android Version: 6.0.1
Android security patch level: 2016-04-01
Baseband version: MPSS.TH.2.0.c1.4-00014-M8996FAAAANAZM-1.45732.6.48263.2
Kernel version: 3.18.20
Build number: MMB29M
Software version H85010c
Stock 10C build.prop :

Install Directions:

LG Bridge Directions:
1. Download and install LG Bridge for Windows or Mac.
2. Launch LG Bridge and connect G5 while it is still booted in Android.
3. LG Bridge will detect and connect to your device then scan for updates. Update if available.

LGUP Directions:
1. Download and install the following three(3) files on Windows PC:

  • LGUP_Lab_Frame_Ver_1_11.msi
  • LG*InsertModelHere*_DLL.msi for correct G5 model [Ex: LGH850_DLL.msi]
  • Latest LG Windows PC drivers from the drivers section above

2. Download KDZ or TOT. Need help finding KDZ? Try http://bit.ly/lgkdzlist
3. Turn OFF device then place in Download Mode: Hold Volume Up while plugging in USB cable.
4. Run LGUP and flash software

  • Select device
  • Check BIN File box under File Type then select KDZ/TOT file
  • Check Refurbish box in center of program.
  • Close and reopen LGUP then click START button to flash file to G5.


Install via TWRP:
To flash the 10C ZIPs you must have TWRP 3.0.2 or higher.
And, of course, you must have your bootloader unlocked for TWRP to work. Currently only H850 EU variants have official unlock.

These directions should be used by everyone who wants a rooted 10C system.
Don’t want root? Then just skip the SuperSu steps.

1. Download the following two files and place on G5 internal or external SD card (use ext-sd to keep internal data encrypted)

  • LG-H85010C-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip
  • Latest SuperSU 2.65 or higher. [STABLE] or [BETA] Thanks to Chainfire!

2. (re)Boot into TWRP
3.* Backup current partitions: boot, system, data [*Optional but suggested]
4.* Wipe data (TWRP > Wipe > Swipe slider) [*Optional but not needed if coming from stock 10A, 10B or 10C]
5. Install the two ZIPs on sdcard, one at a time:

  • LG-H85010C-Flashable.COMPLETE.zip (Install > select zip > swipe to confirm/flash)
  • SuperSU zip (Install > select zip > swipe to confirm/flash)

After zips finish flashing you can reboot! If TWRP asks if you want to install SU, hit no. If TWRP says No OS installed, ignore it.

Please do not mirror files!

100% stock untouched system, boot, modem and bootloader.

H85010c_00_OPEN_EU_OP_0415.kdz (SWS)
H85010c_00_VDF_COM_OP_0415.kdz (VDF/VD2)

Codefire Directories:
G5 IMGs, drivers, flash tools, DLLs, KDZs, ZIPs and more can be found in the following directories…
LG-H85010C | LG-H850 | LG G5

MD5 Sums:
Click button below to view MD5 for each file…

Q: I get a mismatch region code error on boot up after flashing this, what is it?
A: It means this KDZ wasn’t meant for your specific variant but it shouldn’t be an issue or actually do anything other than annoy on boot. You can fix it by using root to delete wha’s in your “cust”.. the error should go away then. Or find/flash the proper KDZ for your region. Or just deal with it.

Q: I am missing feature _______ after flashing this, where did it go?
A: The “cust” partition often controls various options.. enabling and disabling them. Sometimes the cust in this rom may differ from your original software. Usually issues with cust can be resolved by simply deleting everything in your cust folder.. but this needs root. No root? You’ll either have to deal with it or flash the proper KDZ for your specific variant.

Q: LGUP isn’t working because ________ what should I do?
A: Try the LGUP G5 thread here.

Unofficial Bootloader Unlock:
Don’t have official bootloader unlock? This guy claims to have a working method HERE

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