Basically, everything from my VS982.5 fw, including:
Xdabbeb Kernel 4.0.0 w/f2fs support
App ops/Access lock
QuickButton (select “None” to enable TorchToggle app on/off from Vol+ Longpress)
Extended Power Menu
G4 Power Menu w/reboot to recovery (longpress restart)
Dual window/Split view
Mini view
Call record
Call reject
Increased volume steps
Knock Code
My TorchToggle app
Adv camera driver
AOSP browser
All lockscreen weather animations
Extra lockscreen effects
Extra sounds
Extra fonts (including proper/full Roboto)
Extra wallpapers (from G3)
Screen capture area select
Removed Verizon app check service
Removed many useless apps, services, etc
Proper LG boot animations
LG’s hidden menu
Remove mobile data type icon while Wi-Fi is active
Remove am/pm from statusbar clock
More little things I can’t remember 🙂

How to Install:

Peform a full nandroid backup.
If you already have the full 39A bootstack and are running TWRP or higher, you may skip the next step.
Flash the 39A bootstack found in the VS980 Resources thread in this forum and reboot back into recovery (there’s a menu item in TWRP to do this).
Wipe data/cache within twrp. You should leave internal storage alone. If you fail perform this step and have any issues while running the firmware, start this whole install process again and follow this step before posting.
Flash the latest firmware version below after verifying the md5.
Kernel/Firmware options:
This is a trimmed down kernel built for speed/stability/efficiency. I’m not interested in a bloated kernel with every governor/module/cherry pick du jour and never will be. I prefer using my phone, not obsessing over countless “tweaks”.
Turn on CAF touchboost by creating /sdcard/touchboost file and rebooting. If the file is empty, boost freq is 1036800 Hz. If you want a different one, just put the value inside the text file (no spaces). Valid options are (422400, 652800, 729600, 883200, 960000, 1036800, 1190400, 1267200, 1497600, 1574400, 1728000, 1958400, 2265600). If you don’t know what touchboost is, search.
Switch to Interactive governor by creating /sdcard/interactive file and rebooting.
Enable Bricked kernel-space hotplug (thanks to @show-p1984) by creating /sdcard/mpdec file and rebooting.
Enable SEAndroid permissive mode by creating /sdcard/permissive file and rebooting.
Toggle between G2/G4 Power Menu by creating /sdcard/powermenu file and rebooting.
Toggle MultiUser by creating /sdcard/multiuser file and rebooting TWICE
If you wish to restore data using Titanium Backup or some other app, you are welcome to do so, but if you encounter problems, you must follow these steps again WITHOUT restoring data before posting.

Simple installation

  1. go to rocovery and flash first 39A bootstack zip
  2. then flash zip file custom rom below link